5 Reasons Why Bubblegum and Restaurants Don’t Mix

Job-Seekers December 16, 2014

The CEO of McDonald’s recently revealed how the fast food giant developed a recipe for bubblegum-flavored broccoli to encourage kids to eat more healthily. Chief executive Don Thompson said the dish never made it onto the menus because “children were confused by it – it wasn’t all that”

Here are five more reasons why bubblegum and restaurants should never stick together.

  1. Chewing = Spraying, Dribbling…. Need We Say More?

When you chew, you have your mouth open more often. When you open your mouth you spray and dribble. If you find any customer who appreciates this in a server then let us know.

  1. No One Wants A Chunk Of Bubblegum In Their Soup

Potential health code violation? Right now bubblegum is legal but it only takes one successful lawsuit to change the game. It’s only a matter of time…

  1. Bubblegum-Flavored Ice Cream? No Thanks

Several trendy restaurants have stepped where McDonald’s feared to tread and introduced concept foods and drinks like bubblegum-flavored cupcakes, ice cream, even vodka. Unless you’re running a kids restaurant we think these sickly-sweet combos should be banned.

  1. No One Looks Cool Chewing Bubblegum….

….when they’re over the age of eight, especially when they’re serving food. You may think that your gum habit makes you look like you’re too cool to care but in reality you look like a cow. These days restaurant jobs are competitive and if you want to be the best and keep your well-paid position, don’t chew cud in the workplace.

  1. With Bubblegum, No One Can Hear You Speak

Sorry, what did you say? Teeth in a spicy bean horse? When you’ve got something in your mouth you can’t rattle off the specials without your customers raising their hands with questions. Which, as everyone knows, is highly annoying when you’ve got 10 tables to look after on a busy lunch shift.



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