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Restaurant News Roundup, 7/17/2019

Chipotle and Shake Shack stocks up by more than 60% so far this year, the two top performers in the restaurant industry where overall stocks are up just 11% because of weak sales and higher labor costs.  Read more here: https://www.restaurantbusinessonline.com/financing/chipotle-shake-shack-lead-restaurant-stocks   Subway is expected to provide franchisees with more than […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 6/18/19

The market for buying up restaurant chains is especially active now…as Jack’s Family Restaurants, among others, are reportedly looking for buyers.  Read more here:  https://www.restaurantbusinessonline.com/financing/lot-restaurant-chains-are-sale-right-now   While the threat of tariffs on Mexican imports has eased, the restaurant industry could be hurt if they are implemented since food costs would […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 5/29/2019

Hourly restaurant workers can now get certified by the National Restaurant Association in a program aimed at helping them move up the career ladder.  Read more about the Association’s ServSuccess progam here: https://www.restaurantbusinessonline.com/topics/restaurant-association-launches-program-keep-employees-industry   Start with a food truck or locate in a mall food court – two of five […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 5/13/19

A survey of restaurant consumers finds they are becoming increasingly concerned over finances, with 49 percent saying they plan to re-allocate their spending to purchases other than going out to eat.  Read more here about the 2019 US Restaurant Outlook Survey: https://www.consulting.us/news/2215/labor-issues-financial-unease-top-restaurant-industry-concerns-in-2019   BBQ chain, Famous Dave, has opened its first […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 4/23/19

As Kona Grill prepares to file for bankruptcy, its problems are not unique – many chains find themselves in dire straits after overaggressive growth.  Read more here: https://www.restaurantbusinessonline.com/financing/kona-grill-its-former-ceo-go-war   A new study says the big rise in California’s minimum wage is hurting the restaurant industry in the state, especially smaller, […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 4/1/2019

Where’s the beef? Burger King tests a flame-grilled, plant-based patty at eateries in the St. Louis area, with plans to later offer it nationwide.  The no-beef item is being called the Impossible Whopper! Read more here:  https://www.apnews.com/Business%20Wire/4b11f2f3db6f4747901ef35792c95779   Survey shows Olive Garden and Outback Steakhouse are tops in customer satisfaction […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 3/12/19

Chipotle has launched a new customer loyalty program, part of a comeback strategy for the Mexican grill chain.  Read more here:  https://www.nrn.com/fast-casual/chipotle-launches-new-loyalty-program   Struggling restaurant chains are becoming more attractive to investors betting on a brand turnaround.  Example: the Rego Restaurant Group which last year bought Quiznos and Taco Del […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 2/26/19

Wendy’s works with NexGen Consortium to advance sustainable packaging solutions to replace single-use packaging waste.  Read more here:  https://www.qsrmagazine.com/news/wendys-looks-advance-sustainable-packaging   Papa John’s has teamed up with Purdue University Global to offer free tuition to employees who sign up for the online degree program.  The pizza chain employees can pursue degrees […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 2/5/19

Thirteen mega-companies control dozens of popular chains, including Burger King, Taco Bell and Olive Garden.  Read more here:  https://www.businessinsider.com/companies-that-control-the-restaurant-industry-2019-1   Delivery-Only restaurants are surging because of low overhead costs when starting this kind of eatery business.  Read more here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/lanabandoim/2019/01/28/how-ghost-restaurants-are-changing-the-restaurant-business-model/#54e46a7f41d7   The wave of baby boomer retirements is affecting the restaurant […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 1/14/19

Latest federal jobs report says the restaurant industry added almost 41,000 jobs last month, bringing the number hired in 2018 to more than 235,000.  Read more here: https://www.restaurantbusinessonline.com/financing/restaurants-added-41000-jobs-last-month   Carl’s Jr. offers non-meat burger at 1100 of its eateries, an experiment that will last through the end of this month.  […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 12/10/18

Despite discounted offers, such as Burger King’s 10-piece chicken nugget deal for $1, prices for fast food chain menu items are on the rise.  Read more here:  https://www.today.com/food/despite-1-deals-fast-food-getting-pricier-here-s-why-t144520   For the sixth straight month, same-store sales at chain restaurants rose 1% in November.  But while same-store takeout sales are up […]

Restaurant News Roundup: 11/26/2018

Rise of on-line shopping is hurting foot traffic in malls – the location where many traditional bar and grill chains emerged in the 1980’s & 90’s.  Now, these chains are closing their doors as on-line shopping grows ever more popular, reducing the number of mall shoppers.  Read more here: https://www.restaurantbusinessonline.com/financing/mall-traffic-still-problem […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 10/30/18

Turmoil in Jack in the Box, as franchisees call for a role in choosing a replacement for the CEO of the 2,240 unit chain.  The turmoil comes as Jack in the Box has seen a decline in sales.  Read more here: https://www.restaurantbusinessonline.com/financing/jack-box-franchisees-want-board-seat Advice for first-time entrepreneurs who want to open a […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 9/8/18

As the competition for labor intensifies in this booming economy, the quality of service at restaurants and other business is declining. Read more here:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/how-do-you-know-the-economy-is-great-customer-service-is-terrible/2018/09/03/7b016998-a560-11e8-a656-943eefab5daf_story.html?utm_term=.30861383be2f Real Mex Restaurants, which filed for bankruptcy last month, is an example of an increasingly common phenomenon: struggling restaurant chains look to buy other struggling […]

Restaurant News Roundup: 07/16/2018

More people are deciding to stay home and order food in as studies show food deliveries are up 10%, causing restaurants to change the way they do business.  Read more here: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/how-a-rise-in-food-deliveries-is-changing-the-restaurant-industry-and-what-is-served/   Ten years after the Great Recession, the restaurant business has changed in a number of ways – including […]

Restaurant News Roundup: 1st Quarter Sales, Millennial Families, & Bourdain Impact

Quick serve, fast casual, casual and pizza restaurants all saw increases in same-store sales in the first quarter of 2018, according to this analysis.  Read more here:  https://www.fastcasual.com/blogs/the-counter-restaurant-industry-scorecard-for-q1-2018/ As millennials become parents, family-friendly chains and concepts are likely to benefit. Chick-fil-A and Cicis are among those that could emerge as […]

Restaurant News Roundup: Sustainability, Wage Hikes, Robots

Efforts to achieve greater sustainability and reduce waste are being adopted at Dunkin’ Donuts, Red Lobster, Chipotle, and other eateries.  Read more here: https://www.smartbrief.com/original/2018/05/how-sustainability-trends-are-changing-way-restaurants-do-business   Chick-fil-A restaurant in Sacramento moves to raise employee pay from $12 to $13 an hour to $17 to $18 an hour, with the aim, says the […]

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