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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Tips

When you work as a server you know the score – the better the tips, the more money you make. It’s as simple as that. But there’s no guarantee that your customers will leave 10 or 20 percent – or even anything at all. Increase your tips and earn more […]

Job-Seekers December 5, 2014

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5 Things to Do Before a Restaurant Server Interview

5 Things to Do Before a Restaurant Server Interview – Quick tips! First thing – don’t panic! If you’ve got an interview for a restaurant server job, congratulations. Whether it’s your first interview or your 5th, you can nail it with some preparation and forethought. Here’s how: Consider the Frequently Asked […]

Job-Seekers November 7, 2014

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8 Common Questions on Restaurant Job Interviews

Restaurant Job Interviews, don’t be scared… We all need to eat – which is why restaurants will always be looking for people to serve food, cook food and promote food. Restaurant jobs will never go out of fashion. But in a tough economy, competition for the best jobs is high. […]

Job-Seekers October 28, 2014

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