El Sombrero NYC – Review

Food & Recipes December 16, 2014

So, lucky me. El Sombrero NYC (108 Stanton Street, NYC) just renovated/re-opened their new restaurant right across the street from where I live. And lets just say, I’m more than happy to have them as my new neighbor!

Readers beware, as you know from my old blog. I’m extremely biased when it comes to Latin Food.

That being said, El Sombrero NYC is certainly a treat! Now on to the review…

El Sombrero NYC – Quick Points

  1. The restaurant is beautifully renovated, and has a way more chic look to it. Yet it also kept some of the traditions from the older/previous restaurant. For instance, the back wall has wallpaper consisting of the picture of the old Sombrero. Oh, and yes they kept the frozen Margarita machines and frozen Mohito machines (make a mental note when summer comes around!)
  2. Food is absolutely awesome, Latin fusion. I believe before it was more Mexican. Not only has the restaurants interiors been upgraded but so has the chef. The chef is incredible, with a very impressive background…and menu.
  3. The owner/manager is an awesome and kind guy. He came over and brought over our dishes. Checked in on us to see how we liked our meal, and really made you feel welcomed. From talking to him you can really get a genuine vibe that he wants to serve awesome high quality food. This was very refreshing. Some restaurants in NYC can be a little pompous…and this restaurant certainly did not give off that vibe. Instead it was very welcoming, warm and charming.

The Food

I’ll let the pictures do the talking…see for yourself.

An assortment of scrumptious meat empanadas, and some delicious seasoned meats on tostones cups (plantains)

El Sombrero NYC - Empanadas

Bite size steak tacos with green sauce. Also, very important the tortillas are made in house. Corn Tortillas. DELICIOUS!
El Sombrero NYC - Tacos

Finally, lets not forget desert. For your everyday chocoholic (me) I present to you El Sombrero NYC ‘s chocolate Mousse. Including a bunch of layers of different chocolate, and a nice crunchy texture (chocolate crunch inside – you can’t see this in the picture). Very satisfying!
El Sombrero NYC - Desert



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