Restaurant News Daily Recap (Dec. 16)

Latest Restaurant News December 16, 2014

Restaurant News Daily Recap Summary (Dec. 16)
A quick, fun, and easy read on what happened today in the restaurant industry

  • Denver, which some consider the #2 fastest growing city in the country, is getting attention from many top chefs interested in the also fast-growing restaurant scene. In one month 40 restaurants opened this summer…Read more here
  • New Jersey food truck to be staffed by ex-inmates (the title says enough, how can you not click on this)…Read more here
  • Darden Restaurants takes a loss in 2Q reporting a $32.8 million loss…Read more here
  • Looks like the Aussie’s are looking to expand their lunch business in 2015. Outback Steakhouse plans on doing this and launching a national ad campaign… Read more here
  • Woman accidentally eats $300 truffle, so stupid I know. I just had to, my inner child told me to post this…Read more here
  • Baby Boomers are spending less at restaurants apparently…Read more here
  • Hooters remodels 17 of its Texas-area locations in Dallas…don’t worry guys the remodeling will not consist of changing the waitstaff… Read more here

*Video of the day* –This video has McDonald’s weirdest menu items…unfortunately this doesn’t include the rumored bubble-gum flavored Broccoli. Anyways, Enjoy.


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