Restaurant News Daily Recap Summary (Dec. 18)

Latest Restaurant News December 19, 2014

Restaurant News Daily Recap Summary (Dec. 18)
A quick, fun, and easy read on what happened today in the restaurant industry

  • Blooming Brands plans to double its digital staff…Read more here. Interesting, because this seems to be a trend in the industry…a digital-arms race, I knew it! I believe Wendys is making similar changes, as we mentioned yesterday in our news recap here, also Panera, McDonalds and others, but ssshhhh I didn’t say anything!!
  • Theres a new french restaurant that has opened in NYC’s Lower East Side, Dirty French…Read more here
  • Cowboy Chicken releases ‘Razzleberry Tea’, yup that just happened and it made the news. LOL, sounds pretty delicious actually…Read more here
  • Restaurant Chains that will be opened and closed during the Holidays. So if you are tired of Christmas cookies, found out which one our your neighborhood restaurants are opened…Read more here
  • Dunkin Donuts downgraded its guidance in 2015…Read more here
  • Finally, a 15 foot python was caught behind a restaurant!…Read more here

*Video of the Day* – With all this digital trends in restaurants, I thought why not include a video about the future of technology, and what some thought-leaders have to say about it! Enjoy.

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