Restaurant News Daily Recap Summary (Jan. 2)

Latest Restaurant News January 3, 2015

Restaurant News Daily Recap Summary (Jan. 2)
A quick, fun, and easy read on what happened today in the restaurant industry

  • McDonalds updates “I’m loving it” campaign, one of the videos even includes cracking a fresh egg (they serve actual eggs at McDonalds?). Anyways the new campaign and branding is interesting nevertheless…Read more here
  • President Obama eats at a restaurant charging 500k for membership, craziness! $1000 per meal too…Read more here
  • Possible data breach at Chik-Fil-A triggers the NAFCU to be more strict and create national security data..Read more here
  • Tipper leaves $11,000 tip, holy sh*t! Some say it was Jesus…Read more here
  • The recycling restaurant grease case continues…Read more here

*Video of the Day* – With the news of this tip, I just had to include this awesome “prank” with tipping a server a lot of money, such a sweet video. Its great to see hard working servers, get great tips and much more. See for yourself…

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