Restaurant News Daily Recap Summary (Jan. 6)

Latest Restaurant News January 7, 2015

Restaurant News Daily Recap Summary (Jan. 6)
A quick, fun, and easy read on what happened today in the restaurant industry

  • Tips for Jesus is back, remember we wrote about him in an older post (just 4 days ago). Anyways, he is now leaving his mark in San Fran, with a massive tip…Read more here
  • In Richmond, Virginia 6 restaurants closed in the VSU area…Read more here
  • No tipping at this restaurant in Pittsburgh, whats going on?!?… Read more here
  • Asian Box Holdings closes on an investment to fund growth…Read more here
  • The NRA (National Restaurant Association) elects John Crawford as chairman…Read more here
  • TGI Fridays comes out with a new $10 promotion, all diners and drinkers welcome! Read more here

*Video of the Day* – How to make the best smores ever! I present to you a person who roasts marshmallows over a volcano, YES THIS IS REAL (NO we do not condone this behavior…although now it is a bucket list item).

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