Restaurant News Roundup, 11/30/15

Latest Restaurant News November 30, 2015

Chain restaurants in New York City this week will have to start putting a special symbol on their menus for highly salted dishes to comply with city health regulations issued in September. Read more here:
From selling spaghetti to go in paper cones to Sriracha and Cholula Hot Sauce on tap, Business Insider highlights what it calls the “most brilliant” restaurant business ideas in 2015. Read more here:
Big data hits the mainstream restaurant business as it increasingly turns to using digital information extracted from point-of-sale systems, social media, Internet searches and more to generate efficiencies and profit. Read more here:
Article says restaurant operators who separate potential employees by generational age brackets when hiring have taken the wrong approach. The article advises using other criteria in assessing job candidates. Read more here:

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