Summer Salads 2015 – Salad Time!

Food & Recipes July 16, 2015


It’s Summertime and it’s time for fresh salads of all kinds. One of my favorites is romaine lettuce with cluster tomatoes or a.k.a vine- ripened tomatoes. These tiny tomatoes are jam packed with sweetness and plenty of vitamins such as A, C and K. It is also important to point out that tomatoes also hinder the process of aging.

Tomatoes can be consumed as a fruit and as a vegetable. They are the center of attention to all kinds of cuisines and especially a big part of Mediterranean diets. If you consume tomatoes on a daily basis you are providing your body with an energy boost. Additionally, tomatoes are double sided food, they can be classified as a fruit or a vegetable. Therefore, tomatoes of all sizes and shapes are on my menu on a daily basis.

Romaine Lettuce is also known as “Cos Lettuce”, it’s not clear where it originated, some say it originated on the island of Cos while others believe it has derived from the Arabic word, Khus (which means lettuce). At one point it reached the West through Rome, and in Italian it is called lattuga Romana and in French, laitue romaine, which both mean ‘ Roman Lettuce’, therefore it is known today as Roman Lettuce.

Salads of all kinds are healthy for all, so go ahead use your imagination this summer and create your perfect salad!

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