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Why RestaurantZone Recruiting?

Here's a few reasons why you should work with our Hospitality Recruiters & Restaurant Recruiters here:

1) Our national presence & team: Allows our restaurant staffing agency & hospitality staffing agency to recruit & succeed with filling positions anywhere for our clients! Our team has unique contacts with executives, corporate office, management and hourly staff all across the nation. We are also starting to expand globally to increase talent pools & reach. Our internal growing team is composed of highly experienced, talented and passionate recruiters from the hospitality and restaurant industry. As a company we are committed to continuous learning/training of our recruiters/staff, adapting to labor market conditions and growing year over year in order to continuously provide the best offering to our clients.

2) Top of the line Technology, Recruiting Tools & Resources: RestaurantZone has access to 1.1 million unique candidates in our internal database & external databases of 300+ million candidates. Our recruiters have unique contacts all across the US. RestaurantZone invests heavily in top of the line recruiting tools: enterprise candidate databases, enterprise local & national advertising platforms, candidate email marketing, text marketing, referral systems, social media advertising, new recruitment technologies, background checks, screening tools & more!

3) Get Support & Stay Competitive: According to Statista, hospitality jobs diminished significantly in 2020 by 500,000 jobs. With only very slight increases in 2022 and beyond. At RZ, our data shows this to be consistent. However, our recruiters report the market to be 75% more competitive than it ever has been in 10+ years. The hospitality industry jobs are recovering steadily, but fear of COVID, Supply/Demand imbalances, strong business competition, and different economic/political factors are making the market more challenging. It's important to find a hospitality recruitment company that can support you and help you stay ahead of your competition.

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What can RestaurantZone do for me?


We understand the struggles related to restaurant recruiting and hospitality recruiting. Recruiting for restaurants, hotels & hospitality is not only very competitive, but also very challenging. Many of our clients work with us to receive more support with hiring top recruiting & retaining top talent, recruiting in tough labor market conditions, dealing with high turnover rates, determining cost per hire vs value per hire, finding the perfect cultural/leadership match, and much more! Outsourcing these recruitment pain points makes sense. Our hassle-free services smoothes things out and are tailored to meet your unique hiring needs. Through our optimized hiring processes, high-touch service & state of the art technology/recruiting tools - we are able to deliver fantastic results for our clients time and time again. Most of our clients work with us continuously for at least 2+ years (industry standard is 6 months) and the hiring success rate has been 96.5% for 10+ years (industry standard is 49%).


We have thousands of now hiring restaurants & hospitality companies adding their restaurant jobs and hospitality jobs here online -new jobs being added daily! RestaurantZone is very passionate about finding you the best restaurant career, hotel career or hospitality career. Click the button below to view our openings.

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