Restaurant News Roundup, 07/22/2024

McDonald’s plans to extend its $5 meal deal through next month.  Introduced in late June, the company says the deal is meeting its objective of driving more customers to its stores.  Read more here:   Inflation, rising labor costs and consumers with less disposable income are among the challenges […]

Restaurant Recruiting – Top 6 Tips for 2024

Inside this article you’ll read about tips, insights, trends, and strategies to hire top talent for your restaurant & drive improved restaurant recruiting. Drawing on over a decade of experience in the restaurant industry, we aim to provide you with a 2024 checklist that will be valuable for your hiring […]

6 Tips On How to Hire Quality Restaurant Staff in 2024

Updated 7/19/24 – For today’s blog we gathered a variety of insights directly from industry experts on how to hire top quality restaurant staff and how to identify, attract & retain these employees. We asked these experts to share their thoughts on this topic and I hope you find these […]

33 Restaurant Recruiting Tools to Try in 2024

This article outlines 33 restaurant recruiting tools for restaurants, hospitality and hotels. This article is based on what our clients use, our team of recruiters use and what are the most effective restaurant recruiting tools that really help get results (great hires and saves us time in our workday!) But […]

11 Restaurant Job Boards To Help You Hire in 2024

  Let’s face it. Hiring can be really tough! Especially in the restaurant/hospitality industry. High turnover rates. Tough to fill roles. New restaurant openings. Short staffed locations. And the list goes on and on and on… That’s why we have compiled this list of the 10 best restaurant job boards, […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 07/10/2024

New research shows 9 of 10 tipped restaurant employees in eight states want to keep their current compensation model instead of getting a higher wage.  The survey indicates they fear their earnings would drop if they could not receive tips.  Read more here:   Some California fast food franchisees […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 06/23/2024

Restaurant owners are expected to add more than half a million summer jobs this year, according to a forecast by the National Restaurant Association.  Read more here:   While some major restaurant chains are experiencing slower sales, others such as Chick-fil-A and Jersey Mike’s are booming in popularity.  Find […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 06/04/2024

Taco John’s, a Mexican fast-food chain, plans to use AI to handle drive-thru orders at its more than 350 franchised restaurants following a successful experiment at a location in Minnesota.  Taco John’s joins other fast food chains such as Wendy’s, Checkers and Hardee’s testing the new technology.  Read more here: […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 05/21/2024

Red Lobster has filed for bankruptcy and closed almost 90 stores across 27 states.  Read more here:   Staffing, AI, and sustainability are among the highlighted topics at this year’s National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago.  Read more here:   Wow Bao’s steamed bun concept finds success in […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 05/03/2024

Restaurant employment had modest gains in April, adding some 28,000 jobs according to the latest report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Read more here:   The long-predicted consumer pullback seems to have arrived as chains such as Starbucks, KFC and Pizza Hut are reporting shrinking same-store sales.  Read […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 04/22/2024

A new study says workers in the restaurant and foodservice industry have the highest number of complaints about burnout compared to other industries.  Read more here:   Fast food diners say they are cutting back on eating out because of rising prices.  Read more here:   Red Lobster, […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 04/11/2024

California restaurants are now dealing with the ripple effect of the minimum wage hike for fast food workers.  Restaurants of all sizes are reassessing their operations to adapt to the changed economic climate.  Read more here:   Chick-fil-A’s non-mall eateries last year generated average unit revenues of $9.4 million, according […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 04/01/2024

California fast-food workers at chains with more than 60 national locations are now earning $20 an hour as a new state law goes into effect.  Some affected eateries have raised menu prices or cut their workforce.  Read more here:   Tensions emerge at California’s Fast Food Council, the deliberative body […]

Restaurant Industry Salary Report 2024

Restaurant Industry Salary Report 2024 (CLICK HERE FOR THE FREE REPORT) Unveiling the 2024 Restaurant Industry Salary Guide: A Comprehensive Analysis We are delighted to present this year’s Restaurant Industry Salary Guide, a meticulously crafted resource that delves deep into the realm of wages within various roles in the hospitality […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 03/21/2024

  Salaried fast-food managers in California will be entitled to overtime pay under the state’s new minimum wage law that goes into effect next month.  Read more here:   As the restaurant industry anticipates record sales in 2024, insurance costs are likely to go up as well.  Higher restaurant […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 03/05/2024

California’s new minimum wage hike that goes into effect on April 1st at limited-service restaurants is going to have a ripple effect across the country, say experts.  Read more here:   Panera seems to have benefitted from a specific exemption in that new California minimum wage law.  The exemption applies […]

Restaurant News Roundup, 02/28/2024

Outrage greets Wendy’s plan to introduce dynamic pricing to its menu options next year.  Wendy’s defends the move as providing more choices to customers. Read more here:   The Washington, D.C.-based fast-casual chain, Cava, wraps up its first year as a public company with double-digit traffic growth.  Read more […]

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