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Building a reliable restaurant workforce

We are passionate about tailoring a bespoke personal service to each client and apply a unique method of innovative headhunting to procure and supply an unmatched selection of talent, with a strong focus on long-term relationship building.

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Our Hiring Process for Luxury Restaurants


The advantage someone gets when hiring us is they are completely hands-off during the process meaning Restaurant Zone handles everything from start to finish.

Our recruiters market, source, and research for the perfect candidate. Then they have a very detailed process to properly vet the candidates and gather background information, all before submitting that candidate to the client.


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This allows the client not to worry about taking time to go through resumes, finding the perfect candidate, schedule an interview just to have the candidate not show up.

By using our services, we can eliminate the stress of hiring and allow our clients to focus on the business. Another advantage is our access to passive candidates within our database meaning we can reach out to candidates who are currently working, motivated, and looking for a bigger challenge or opportunity for their career that may not be possible where they are current employees.


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At Restaurant Zone our goal is to provide our partners with the best-in-class, customized hiring solutions.

Our expertise is spread across


We strive to deliver top-tier candidates that fit your culture, perform, and deliver bottom-line results and increased sales, profit & growth.


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This team has helped me more than once find the position I am looking for. They care about the people they place, and this continues even after you are hired. If you’re looking for a job in the restaurant industry, they will find it for you.

Gerry Leneweaver

I have used Restaurant Zone for the past few years and overall they have done a very good job of supporting Lolita's Restaurants.

Vincetta Thompson

The Support is unmatched. I had family issues and missed my interview but the support was over and beyond because the Restaurant Zone picked the best STAFF!!

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