Hospitality Resume Database: Writing Messages that Convert + Examples that Work!

Employers & Recruiters May 19, 2017

Hospitality Resume Database - 2017 Writing Tips
When it comes to cold messaging candidates in a hospitality resume database, candidate pools or social networks. It’s recommended to put your marketing hat on and personalize, personalize and personalize some more!

Our team of job-seeker specialists who curate and vet talent daily for our clients, are constantly contacting candidates in our databases and all over the internet…and always testing different messages to see what gets the best responses rates.

So we figured, why not share some of tips and the templates that we use to give you some ideas to play around with!

Here are some of the messages that convert:

1) Example #1: Email: Don’t ask for too much commitment on the first message.

Subject Line:
We’re interested in you {{NAME}}

Hello {{NAME}},

Are you available for a brief interview in the next week or so?

I have a fantastic opening for a {{JOB TITLE}}, very competitive compensation structure {{LIST SALARY}} with {{COMPANY BRAND}}. And wanted to connect with you for a few minutes to see if it would be a good fit. You can see more details about the job here {{link to position OR include the description below}}

Let me know your thoughts!

Kind Regards,

2) Example #2: Text Message or Email – Talking about their current experience or picking something specific you like about them. You can relate to them on education or different elements. 

Hi {{NAME}}

I really liked your {JOB TITLE}} experience you have at {{CURRENT COMPANY}}, when I came across your resume. Please reply to this email if you are interested in new opportunities. I’ve got a {{POSITION}} opening available at a great {{CONCEPT TYPE}} brand, now offering fantastic pay. Would be great to connect for a few minutes!


2) Example #3: When you are recruiting on Linkedin, keep things social. Send this in the message note when connecting.

My name is {{INSERT NAME}}, I’m currently with {{Company & State what you do}}. I noticed you {{Insert Common interest, connection commonality}}. I thought it made sense for us to connect!

*Note from here keep things social. Don’t go for the outcome immediately. Consider asking them how their day is coming along and keep things nice and light. From there as you relate it could make sense to hop on a call. The reason why this is more effective is because Linkedin is a social networking site. 


Hope this tips help next time you message candidates in a restaurant or hospitality resume database. Best of luck!

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