How to Become a Bartender: Three Important Tips

Business Posts October 21, 2014

Decades ago, bartending jobs were only for college students who needed the extra bucks for their tuition fees. But the tables have turned – bartending is now one of the restaurant or bar jobs that rake in the most cash from customers’ tips. So I bet you want to know now, how to become a bartender? Below is a list of tips that might help you out.

  1. Learn everything you can. Do your research on websites that deal with drinks and beverages. Watch Youtube videos on how to create Margaritas, Greyhound and other popular drinks. Now, if you’re considering enrolling to a bartending course, here’s a tip: Certificates are not everything. Sure, a certificate can give you an edge, but it’s not the deciding factor. Restaurateurs want somebody who can create awesome drinks, not identify the secret ingredients of wines and liquors. Of course, this knowledge can help, but as we’ve said, it’s not the end-all.
  2. Get some real life experience. Opportunities for experience abound – if you know where to look. Do you have friends who love to hold cocktail parties? Then, offer yourself to become a bartender at one of their events. Check out charitable organizations in your area. These sometimes hold like events. Again, offer your services. These events will hone your skills at concocting beverages. You might also want to look for bar back or bartender assistant jobs. These will bring you a step closer to your dream job. And while you’re at it, observe how the bartender creates drinks. Take note of the ingredients, measurements, and shaking actions that he uses for particular beverages. Practice them at home and add a little bit of “flair”. Juggle, flip or fling cocktail shakers or liquor bottles – because these showmanship skills can land you higher-paying bartending jobs. Don’t forget to practice with a rubber mat under your feet – just in case you accidentally drop your bottles.
  3. Hone your people skills. Do you know which bartenders rake in the most tips? They are the ones who can make the best drinks and give the best customer service. They welcome everybody with a smile and treat him or her like VIP’s. They assist them in every way they can, whether they are good tippers or not. And considering that spirited drinks can sometimes bring out the worst in some people, learn to stretch your patience for customers who can’t deal with their emotions.

Remember these three tips on how to become a bartender and you might just get your dream job in no time at all.

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