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Business Posts August 4, 2014

So I thought I would write a post on restaurant classifieds and an overview of different sites that have them. I figured this could be helpful for anyone posting restaurant related items (equipment, property, decor, etc) and provide sellers and buyers with as many resources as possible!

Below I included where you can find restaurant classifieds sites, and some basic information on them. I went through and visited these sites and spent some time on them, so here are just a few of my personal observations on these restaurant classified ad sites:

  • – Most people know about this site and is an awesome site! The only problem is since it so large your listing can sometimes get “lost” by all the other listing and sometimes spam listings 🙁 . Usually under ‘business/commercial’ you have the ability to list restaurant classifieds, along with all sorts of business listings, and others but there is no specific ‘restaurant’ category. One huge plus about this site is its typically free.
  • – Mostly restaurant classifieds for property and businesses, from what I can tell. The classifieds here are geared towards promoting restaurants services, business for sale, and merchandise. Not sure if its free or not. You have to email the site to post your classifieds.
  • or – Very reputable sites, where you can buy/sell mostly restaurant equipment here but these sites typically take a larger commission based on your sale.
  • Last but not least our site! – which has various restaurant classifieds – equipment, property, supplies, decor, events, promotions, businesses, etc. This site works hard on keeping quality ads on its site, and personally monitors them. Additionally, they can work with users on editing their ad, making them SEO friendly, and also uses social media tools for additional promotion of listings. All of this is FREE for a 60 day listing…(for now at least). Soon the site will probably start charging a small fee in the future to encourage listings of the highest quality and act as another filter against spam/scams.

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