Restaurant Industry Salary Report 2024

Business Posts March 25, 2024

Restaurant Industry Salary Report 2024 (CLICK HERE FOR THE FREE REPORT)

Unveiling the 2024 Restaurant Industry Salary Guide: A Comprehensive Analysis

We are delighted to present this year’s Restaurant Industry Salary Guide, a meticulously crafted resource that delves deep into the realm of wages within various roles in the hospitality sector. The dedicated team at Restaurant Zone has painstakingly gathered and analyzed data from establishments across different states in the United States to compile this invaluable guide.

The Restaurant Industry Salary Guide offers an intricate breakdown of executive and management salaries across a spectrum of job positions including CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Culinary experts, and more. This wealth of data serves as a valuable tool not only for job hunters who are seeking insights into competitive compensation packages but also for restaurant & hospitality proprietors/executives and hiring managers aiming to attract top-tier talent by ensuring their remuneration remains in line with industry standards. Employers can utilize this guide to benchmark their salary offerings and guarantee they remain competitive in the market.

The front-of-house staff holds a pivotal role in the triumph of any dining establishment, being the initial point of contact for patrons. At Restaurant Zone, we have meticulously scrutinized the wages allocated to various front-of-house positions such as hosts, servers, and bartenders. This information equips job seekers with a deeper understanding of the remuneration associated with these roles, aiding them in making well-informed decisions regarding their career paths in the hospitality industry.

Provided below is a summarized average of salaries for each position across the United States in 2024. For a comprehensive overview, the full report can be accessed here:

2024 Nationwide Summary:


  • – CEO: $152,256
  • – CFO: $150,404
  • – COO: $215,282
  • – Assistant Manager: $41,533
  • – Catering Manager: $51,010
  • – District Manager: $82,956
  • – Executive Chef: $83,555
  • – General Manager: $60,109
  • – Kitchen Manager: $54,472
  • – Restaurant Manager: $55,334
  • – Sous Chef: $54,579
  • – Shift Manager: $54,944
  • – VP of HR: $175,809
  • – Director of HR: $127,947
  • – VP of Finance: $159,404
  • – Director of Finance: $123,522
  • – VP of Marketing: $161,233
  • – Director of Marketing: $102,868
  • – VP of Real Estate: $197,753
  • – Director of Real Estate: $165,080
  • – VP of Development: $153,315
  • – Director of Development: $85,279
  • – VP of Operations: $152,976
  • – Director of Operations: $95,627
  • – Director of Franchise: $127,714
  • – Franchise Consultant: $71,484


  • – Baker: $38,050
  • – Bartender: $34,013
  • – Dishwasher: $29,253
  • – Host/Hostess: $31,741
  • – Line Cook: $39,423
  • – Pastry Chef: $52562
  • – Prep Cook: $33,545
  • – Server: $32,709 

Upon scrutinizing the summary page within the report, intriguing patterns have emerged from our data analysis. Notably, we observed fluctuations in salaries compared to the previous year. Impressively, the Director of Franchise, VP of Development, Director of Development, Shift Manager, and District Manager witnessed a substantial 45.95%, 21%, 16.9%, 24.74%, & 15.13%  increase in their earnings respectively. Conversely, Franchise Consultants & Assistant Managers experienced 1.77% & 5.16% Decrease in pay this year. Moreover, Pastry Chef, Line Cooks, Bakers, and Prep Cooks saw a remarkable surge of 30.29%, 7.20%, 5.47% & 5.37%  in their hourly wages, while Servers & Bartenders encountered a 5.81% & 3.80% decline in their compensation. These trends bear significant implications for our industry and warrant a more detailed examination.

The amalgamated data from establishments of varying sizes, encompassing Upscale venues, Hotels, Full-Service restaurants, Fast-Food chains, and Fast-Casual eateries, offer invaluable insights into the culinary landscape. By leveraging this data, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their competitors’ performance metrics and pinpoint areas for enhancement within their own operations. Furthermore, this data can aid in formulating strategies to enhance customer experiences and drive revenue growth. We have ensured that the information presented is succinct and easily digestible, empowering stakeholders to make well-informed decisions.

In conclusion, the 2024 Restaurant Industry Salary Guide stands as a beacon of knowledge for industry professionals, job seekers, and employers alike, fostering transparency and facilitating informed decision-making within the dynamic realm of hospitality.

To download the full salary report please click here.

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