Used Restaurant Equipment NYC

Business Posts July 21, 2014

So you may ask, where can one find a place with new and used restaurant equipment in New York City?

If you Google used restaurant equipment NYC, a bunch of options come up! I for one didn’t even know that you can find these specific stores in New York City, especially since everything is online these days. Lets say you want to go in person and talk to someone face to face, here in in New York City…well its possible!

It was only until I was walking around my neighborhood in Lower East Side when I noticed large amounts of restaurant equipment stores. They were located on Bowery street (right off of East Houston), and many of the stores I noticed both buy and sell new and used restaurant equipment. So if you are searching for used restaurant equipment NYC, some of these can be a good option.

Here are some of the stores (some don’t have websites)

As you can see there are tons of stores on Bowery Street that buy and sell restaurant equipment. Having a large amount of stores is probably a good thing and I wouldn’t be surprised if you could make a good deal with a restaurant equipment purchase or sale.

Below I included a map so you can see where these stores and others are located.

Used Restaurant Equipment NYC

Used Restaurant Equipment NYC

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