Most listings of the week – Honorable mention (12.6.13-12.20.13)

Business Posts December 20, 2013

Behind on posting our weekly honorable mention post. We have been super busy here at The Zone with so much going on! We are super excited with the way the site has been growing and the changes that we have coming up in 2014. Our team here has so many awesome ideas and ways for pushing our site to the next level, and moving everything forward with the concept…not enough time in the days to do everything! However, we are working hard every day on it. We are also looking at increasing our awareness and getting more buyers to our site. As you know we recently put out our first press release, and we have many more ideas going forward with getting more interest and buyers to our site. If you haven’t checked out our press release take a look for yourself, and feel free to spread the word and pass this along to any friends/family:

We are super pumped for 2014 and what lies ahead. Our priorities remain to be on getting our users ads more views, and attracting more buyers. We expect this to improve in the year to come as things slowly fall into place here at The Zone.

Anyways, the winner for the past two weeks (12.6-12.20) is user njrestaurantequipment with a new site record of 17 listings! Most of the listings are restaurant equipment listings in New Jersey. They consist of ovens, ice machines, stoves, refrigeration, and much more. I would definitely recommend checking them out, see for yourself:

Congratulations njrestaurantequipment and thanks for using The Restaurant Zone! Check out his restaurant equipment listings in New Jersey and contact him directly if interested!

Well that’s all for now here at The Zone, but we do wish all our users and everyone a happy holiday!

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