3 Quick Tips To Schedule More Interviews & Stay on Top!

Employers & Recruiters March 27, 2017

Schedule more interviews
We all know making that initial contact or setting up interviews can be tough.

For both employers and the job-seekers. And especially in restaurant/hospitality, everything is so busy!

As a recruiter or employer you’re juggling a million things. You have resumes, interviews, trainings and meetings to attend. On the other side of the table, the job-seeker who applied to your job is busy at his current job, working crazy shifts. Or their phone is turned off, or not checking his/her email. And the list of reasons go on and on and on!

That’s why I wanted to list some tips and tricks (some utilized by our very own clients) to help you with these problems and help you stay on top of your A-game and ultimately schedule more interviews:

1) Interview scheduling: With everyone on the run and busy, it can be very tough to coordinate calls or in-person interviews. Some strategies that can help you with this are sending job-seekers Calendar Invites. I’m a big fan of sending Google Calendar Invites. Be sure to detail who’s calling and to setup “notification reminders” (via email and text message). I usually setup 2-3. Another app that I’d recommend that’s great for scheduling is Calendly.

2) Text Message Reminders: Let’s face it, everyone is on mobile. A friendly text reminder or scheduling an interview via Text Message is certainly not against the rules! In fact, I encourage it. It’s simple and now there are many technologies you can use, where you can text directly from your desktop. Google Voice, TextRecruit. Also here’s a really cool tip for all your Gmail and Google Mail users out there, this article shows you how to automate text/sms reminders on calendar invites. So they send automatically, along with your calendar invites — all in one click! Read more here on how to set this up: https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/45351?hl=en . Super cool, I know!

3) Initial Emails to Job-Seekers: Keep it simple. If it’s a cold email to a job-seeker or response to a job-seeker who applied, the shorter the better.  And getting someone on a quick call is usually the best move to lightly screen, build rapport and plan the next steps. Here’s an example of a cold email, that we send out to a job-seeker that’s been working really nicely for us:

“Job Title” – “Company Name” 


Hi {NAME},

Your resume recently came on my desk, and I thought it might make sense for us to connect for a couple minutes. I have a great opening at {INSERT TITLE, COMPANY & SALARY}

Would you have some time to briefly discuss, confidentially?

Hit “reply” so we can coordinate something.



That’s all for today! Hope these 3 tips help you and feel free to experiment with them. Not only do some of our clients use these strategies, but we use some of these ourselves when coordinating with job-seekers and they really help you schedule more interviews.

Happy interviewing!

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