My Business Journey – Introduction: How The Restaurant Zone came to be

Business Posts November 11, 2014

Hey guys! Just thought I would give you a little update on The Restaurant Zone…in a fun way, through a video! So starting today I am doing a little weekly video blog on my business (The Restaurant Zone). Its going to be structured sort of informally and just document different things going on with the site, and my business journey with growing the site. I will be posting a video once a week!

The goal of these series is to provide you guys communication regarding our site, the changes on our site, different challenges, and growth we are experiencing and all sorts of fun topics. I think its important for our users and anyone to know what’s going on with the site, so today I put together an introductory video.

Today’s video is more of an introductory style video and its the first one, I’m a little new to this so any feedback or anything is appreciated! I figure as I practice to do this more, the quality, content and delivery will get better. Anyways, the video goes into detail on how I came up with my business idea, how I started, what has been happening with the site (over the past year), and a lesson I learned….so without further delay, enjoy!

So there, cool. Hope you guys liked it! Again if you have feedback or want to hear about a specific topic… I would be more than happy to talk about it!

As always have a good day!

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