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Business Posts November 12, 2013

So I figured I would write a very quick and brief update on some of the changes to our website. We have been working very hard here at The Restaurant Zone and although the majority of our focus has been geared towards marketing (and will continue to focus heavily on this), we have incorporated some small minor changes to the site. Here is a list of a few of them –

1) We added user thumbnail picture functionality. Users can now update a user profile picture. To do so, just login and click “edit profile” (then just scroll down, its the last item in “edit profile”). We had a few requests for this from some small businesses that wanted to upload their logo. So if you are a business owner go right ahead and get your logo in there! If you are an individual seller, feel free to use whichever image you like as well! If anyone needs help with this, again feel to to email us and we would be more than happy to assist. Remember our goal is help you in anyway possible. See below user profile picture function –

thumbnail user profile

2) Spam Question Test – We made this shorter to make the registration process easier. We had too many questions, and wanted to make this shorter. We also have installed some plugins to further help protect the site from spam, and help us detect any sort of spam. We are always looking for ways to protect our site and our users, and as always remains a key priority.

3) SEO Optimization – We have been working hard on optimizing our site as well as possible and continue to focus on this going forward.

4) Some things to look for going forward – we might be experimenting with changing some aspects of the appearance of the site. Nothing major, just some styling. We like to keep our site simple and easy to use, so not to worry…nothing crazy we promise! We are also going to be posting videos on how to use our site, informational videos, and a video ad graphic. These videos will be posted under our how to use our site link see full address below:

Anyways that’s all for now, and as always thanks for reading and your support!
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