Subcategories on The Restaurant Zone, what are they?

Business Posts December 3, 2013

So we had a few users ask us about subcategories and we figured we would write a blog on this. In addition, we will continue to write series like this that educate users on aspects of our site. As always we are working hard everyday in improving our sites functionality and effectiveness, and always encourage feedback from users as it plays an integral part in this process! Anyways, subcategories are one of the features on our site that make The Restaurant Zone user friendly and easy to navigate. Well ‘sub-categories’ are one of the unique features on our site that allow users on our site to organize listings correctly.

Lets take the following example – say you are a restaurant broker and you wish to list a Restaurant/Cafe in Lower East Side, New York City on The Restaurant Zone. Select New York City and list it under sub-category ‘Restaurant Space/Property’. Since we closely monitor our site we also make sure that users are organizing their listings correctly and selecting the correct sub-category. So what I thought we would do now is give you a list of our current sub-categories and clarify what they should be used for:

*Barstools and High Tables – Users typically post furniture from their local neighborhood bar and other related items.
*Carts/Concession Trailers – Hot dog carts, food carts, coffee carts, etc.
*Cookware – pan, pots, strainers and anything a chef might need in the kitchen.
*Decor – any sort of restaurant décor, typically we have seen signs, artwork, collectibles, and antiques. This is also a section for professional restaurant decorators to advertise their service, post listings, browse, and purchase product.
*Dishes and Utensils – plates, cups, forks, knives, etc.
*Events – restaurant events, restaurant event space, marriage-related, parties, restaurant openings, etc.
*Kitchen Appliances – ovens, pizza ovens, commercial refrigerators, freezers, dish washers, etc.
*Misc – we created this sub-category so that someone can post anything on here that isn’t already on our list of sub-categories.
*Other Supplies/Equipment – soda machine, shelving, freezers and anything else
*Promotions/Specials – restaurant menu specials, drink specials, happy hours, coupons, etc.
*Restaurant Space/Property – Commercial property, restaurant property, restaurants, franchises, cafes, delis, etc.
*Supplies/Inventory – We just created this new sub-category for wholesalers, or companies with large amounts of restaurant inventory, supplies, equipment etc. We wanted to make sure to separate this in the site. In case restaurateurs would like to buy mass quantity, and for sellers to have the opportunity to showcase their items. NOTE that if you are a company or a website that sells large quantities of restaurant equipment, and have posted multiple listings on our site, we will place you under this category.
*Tables and Chairs – Restaurant chairs, tables, benches, etc.

Hope this clears things up for everyone, and thanks for reading and using The Restaurant Zone!

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