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Pos Advice for restaurants

Pos Advice for restaurants

If POS Advice isn’t your “go to” site for anything restaurant point of sale system related, it should be! POS Advice and its family of websites cover everything restaurant POS related and caters exclusively to the hospitality industry.

Bob Frazier started the sites two years ago after selling his 30 year old POS business and noting that there was no place to go for free, unbiased, independent advice and information on restaurant POS systems. The only information available two years ago on POS systems for restaurateurs was the info being distributed by developers and dealers themselves. In other words, no one was looking at this major purchase from the point of view of the restaurateurs themselves.

POS Advice family of websites include:

POS Advice for Restaurants

Restaurant Software List

Free POS Quote

Credit Card Provider Directory

POS Provider Directory

Restaurant Resource Guide

Restaurant Technology & Marketing Newsletter

POS Forum

Within each of these sites, POS Advice has compiled the latest and best information available to help with the diverse needs and choices that face every restaurant owner. Each was established to meet a specific need and become a clearing house of everything POS related.

The POS Advice site offers unbiased, independent and sound advice with a simple 3-step purchase process of how to Design, Compare and Negotiate the correct POS system for your restaurant. If after going through this step by step process, you still need extra help or have questions, the POS Advice team is available to personally step in and help you select the best system for your operation. A free e-book “Find the Best POS for Your Restaurant” is also available along with helpful videos on the site to take you through the steps of purchasing the right POS system. Plus the onsite technology blog has extensive feature and function write-ups on important subjects relating to restaurant POS systems and how they benefit restaurateurs.

The Credit Card and POS Provider Directories connect local merchants to the best providers of each of these services. By checking provider profiles and references prospects can quickly find the right local provider for their needs.

The Restaurant Software List is a directory of restaurant technology developers, hardware providers, credit card processors and industry professionals that provide needed technology related systems and services to the restaurant industry. The Restaurant Software List also includes a list of the Top 10 Restaurant POS Solutions, be advised that this is not a list of advertisers that have paid to be on the list!

The Restaurant Resource Guide offers a complete list of recommended service and support providers and includes special online offers and discounts for new and existing restaurants.

Need a POS Quote? Use the Free POS Quote site to enter your requirements and POS Advice will connect you with an experienced local POS provider.

The POS Forum is a bulletin board site providing access to other POS users willing to share free support and advice. This site has a very strong following of Micros users and solution providers.

And lastly, the POS-Advice Newsletter provides a free weekly restaurant technology and marketing recap of restaurant articles and updates for industry professionals.

Staying current in the restaurant point of sale industry is a full-time job that Bob Frazier and the POS Advice team take seriously. Use their experience, knowledge and expertise to save Time, Money and Aggravation!

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