Tips on writing a classified ad

Business Posts October 7, 2014

Tips on writing a classified ad

Hope you enjoyed that video. Below I decided to write out a few of these tips, since I know that this video is long! So below are the ‘sparknotes’ from the video above.

Here are a few written pointers & tips on writing a classified ad:

1) First think about different sites you can use, do your research! (they’re a lot of classifieds sites out there)
-Consider sites like,,,, etc.
-Find your niche, depending on what you are selling. Examples of niche websites – The Restaurant Zone, Motor Trend, just google anything and put the word ‘classifieds’ and can usually find a site that specializes in it!

2) Pick the right category
-Be very careful where you post your listing, and carefully look at all the categories!

3) Create a compelling, eye-grabbing and exciting title
-Brainstorm, create a list of titles (as mentioned in this great article).
-Test out different titles and see which ones get more responses.
-Can state a problem – example “having bad breathe every morning?”
-Simply list the product (detailed but concise, don’t just say “tv” or “stove”).

4) For the copy part of the portion, be honest, detailed and concise.
-You can also present a problem and solution. Eg.”Having bad breathe every morning?” “Well…Try XYZ, it will blah blah”
-Keep in mind these steps of the ad (10 tips for unleashing the power of classified ads):
Call to Action
-20-30 words
-I wouldn’t go over 130 words (Although long ads on the restaurant zone could be good for SEO, keep in mind search engines like original content).
-Think “Telegraphic language” – simple text and abbreviate here necessary
*Key test different styles of classifieds out

5) Include contact information
-Just be aware you might get spam/scam when listing actual phone numbers and emails.

 Hope these tips on writing a classified ad are helpful and again let us know if you have any questions! If you need help with writing them be sure to check this out as well 😉 –




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