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Business Posts October 8, 2014

New Yorkers love trends – whether those trends are about fashion, business, and of course, food! Some food trends made it big and are still very visible (food trucks, instant ice cream) but others, unfortunately, had to say adieu too fast and too soon.

But who would have thought that the food that nourished our ancestors would make a comeback in this day and age, when our palates have grown accustomed to salty, deep-fried burgers and hotdogs? How can organically grown veggies, meat from grass-fed cows and like products rule the NYC food scene? Call it Paleo, non GMO certified products, organic or whatever you wish, but these dishes are definitely on the top list of many NYC foodies out there.

In fact, New Yorkers are now demanding transparency from restaurants. We’d like to know what’s in every dish that’s served to us, and with eagle eyes, we search restaurant menus for three dangerous letters: GMO.

Well, that is actually a wiser and healthier decision considering the long-term effects of this deadlier-than-TNT substance on GMO-fed lab rats, don’t you think? GMO has been found to cause cancers and alarmingly shorter life spans on these animals. Who’s to say that the same won’t happen to humans? So instead of gorging ourselves with carb-rich, vegetable-oil cooked food, we are now more conscious with whatever’s served on our plates.

Choosing non GMO certified products from store racks is easy; just look for the non-GMO seal and you’re done. But ordering non GMO certified products in restaurants may be a tough act to handle, because these establishments do not print their ingredients on their menus. This is very unfortunate because studies show that a lot of our agricultural products – from wheat, to corn, to soya, came from GMO seeds, the source of every health aficionado’s fears.

Chipotle has led the way with its shift from soybean oil to non-GMO sunflower oil for frying tortilla chips and everything they serve, whatever’s in it, is printed on the menu for everyone to see.

Chipotle - Are they Non GMO Certified Products? I hope.

Chipotle – Are they Non GMO Certified Products? I hope.

If you’re a restaurateur who’d like to make it big in the years to come, serving non GMO certified products might just be the ticket to your dreams.

This article was written by guest author Liberty.


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