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Business Posts September 25, 2014

Lost and Found - The app

Every once in a while here at The Restaurant Zone, we like to write about different software that can be helpful for restaurants or related businesses. We are kind of tech-nerdy and always like to hear about new app ideas or new types of technology. We always find it very interesting! Plus we enjoy writing about them, educating ourselves, and our users.

Anyways, so for today we are going to write a quick little blog on Crowdfynd. What is Crowdfynd you may ask? Well remember the days when you would lose something in school and it would be placed in a huge lost and found bin. You would have to dig past all the sweaters and shirts to find your favorite sweater. Or when you would would have to put up a poster in your neighborhood for a lost pet, or anything for that matter. Well, guess what… Crowdfynd is the first virtual lost and found that allows customers to easily find their missing items.  Yup. Thats right, no more dirty lost and found bins. The unified software piece works for both customers and businesses on making the lost and found process a lot easier to manage. Businesses save effort, customers save time and things get returned to their rightful owners.

Lost and Found - The app

Lost and Found – Put it in the bin!

Some of the features that I found pretty neat were the following:
-You can actually browse on a ‘map’ which lost and found items are NEAR you. Very cool.
-Customers can use it on there phone and/or desktop.
-Easy upload and claim managements.
-Set alerts to see if your item is found.
Click here for more information and more on its functionality.

A little background on the company:
They launched the startup in spring of 2013 and are located in Chicago, Illinois but the service is now available worldwide. It’s free for the public and a low cost for businesses.

How we thought this could be useful for you:
So attention all Restaurant Zone users, how can this be useful for you? Well I know that we have restaurants on here…and I think this app can be something to consider. Especially, I am sure a lot of you are use to having to return credit cards, wallets, and/or any other items to your customers. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an app like this to help this process, and could even earn you some extra brownie points with customers 😉

But anyways, here’s there website and that’s all for now! Let me know what you think.

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