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Business Posts October 26, 2014

Hey guys Sunday night over here. I thought I would do a quick little blog and update all of you on our site. I also thought it would be kind of cool to share with you guys some new things to expect as well. Anyways, we have done a lot of big changes over the last month…so see the video below for a little summary on them. I did a little shared screen video to show you some of the updates. Below I will have them written out.

So here is a list of some of changes of the recent changes:
-Cleaner appearance: White colors, grays, simple colors. We made changes to make everything more simple and easier on the eye. We also added some functionality with this new theme change. This includes the ability for the user to continuously scroll down through ads with ease (they automatically load when you scroll down through them). We also changed the format of the states and made them more compact on one page.

-Featured Ads: We changed these to become more prominent on the front page of our site and throughout the site. They are now on the front/top of the page and scroll from side to side. They also have a sticker that labels them as “featured” so visitors know this. Additionally, we created a featured button that sorts all ads on the site by featured. This was important because featured ads are important on our site and deserve the most attention.

-Contact form: We made this stand out more on each individual ad, so it makes it easier for buyers/job seekers to contact a potential seller/employer.

Restaurant Jobs: Over the past month we have put a lot of work into this service, that we are super excited about! We have worked very hard to drive more traffic to this area of the site, more social media promotion, and more functionality! Additionally, we also have software that helps us with posting our jobs to multiple job boards. Another thing that we have started to build out is a resume database…which is very exciting!

So on that note…what’s in store for the future?

Well, on the restaurant job listings front…A LOT. We are planning on definitely building our resume database, so that we can match applicants with jobs. We also have some big ideas with our resume database and perhaps in the future this is something we will give our customers access to at some point.

The contact form is about to be updated in the next week or so to have an “upload/attachment” option to it. This will be very helpful for job seekers, and allow them to upload their resume with ease. This can also be helpful for any other users that want to upload images or anything related!

Another change we are working on is the navigation of the site. We are brainstorming and working on a few days on how to organize the states better, so its easier for users to navigate our site ands become more prevalent on our site.

Well…that’s all folks! Expect another update from us in a few months or so and as always your suggestions are always appreciated! That’s how we get a lot of ideas, from listening to our clients!!

And thanks for the support, its been a great month!

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