Why Use a Restaurant Staffing Agency? Here are 5 Reasons

Business Posts, Employers & Recruiters December 1, 2022

Restaurant Staffing Agency
Restaurant Staffing Agency
When clients approach us for restaurant, hotel and hospitality recruitment needs, they often ask us, “why should we use a restaurant staffing agency?” Being in business for almost a decade now, we’ve compiled a list of factors to consider when picking a restaurant or hospitality staffing agency, including the appropriate time to use them and how they can be tremendously beneficial to your business.

1) Attracting & Retaining Top Talent: In today’s landscape, the labor market presents many challenges. Finding high caliber workers within the hospitality industry is still exceedingly difficult, and it takes significant time and resources to attract and retain talent in this market. Based on our internal metrics, demand for top-performing hourly, management and even executive talent has increased by 27.5% from 2021. It’s also important to note, at 6.5% hospitality has a higher share of jobs still unfilled than any other industry (except for mining). 1.1MM jobs in the hospitality industry have been lost ( as of 11/10/22*) since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic. Our internal reports also show that compared to previous years, our recruiters are working 49%  more hours to attract & hire talent on our clients behalf. In addition, our agency is spending 125% more on new technologies, databases, advertising & recruitment tools to stay competitive and help our clients hire. Given these statistics, this is why it’s important to have a dedicated agency with the best resources & expertise to help you attract and retain top talent.

2) Staying Competitive in a tough Labor Market: To stay ahead of your competition, using an agency can give you a significant competitive advantage. Great agencies spend top dollar on skilled and experienced recruiters who not only have industry expertise but also have unique connections in the space. Recruitment agencies like RestaurantZone also spend big money on growing & maintaining an industry specific database (RestaurantZone has 810,000 candidates in the space & growing) while also investing heavily in advertising & technology. A company like RestaurantZone invests quarterly in new solutions and has premium placement for local/national advertising that it can leverage on a client’s behalf. If you’re not investing in recruiting excellent talent, then your competitors will have access to all the great talent out here in the labor market!

3) Drive stronger top line & bottom line results: Many agencies aren’t results oriented. The great agencies understand the financials behind recruiting and are able to deliver candidates who drive sales growth, control costs, improve company culture, and increase profit. One of RestaurantZone’s proud accomplishments is being able to help clients hire candidates who improve companies and stay for many years, creating year over year growth.

4) Outsource to Restaurant Staffing Agencies: Hiring & recruiting can be a headache. We totally get it. But we live and breathe recruiting daily so we have seen all the problems and understand all the challenges each step of the way. All this takes a lot of time, energy and costly resources. RestaurantZone helps clients save on this expenditure of time, energy and resources – so that our clients can focus on what they do best and focus their attention on other important parts of their business.

5) Save on resources & recruiting costs: With great agencies like RestaurantZone, you only pay for hires! Without excessive upfront costs. 65% of our new clients who approach us, report paying way too much for advertising and recruiting…with minimal to zero results! At our company we absorb all those upfront costs. We have 810,000 candidates to call on, referrals, cold-calling/poaching, advertising, databases, technology – all at our disposal. Our company spends tens of thousands of dollars every month on the best-in-class recruiters & recruiting tools (so you don’t have to). You’ll have 30+ national hospitality recruiters to help you and the best resources to help you fill positions efficiently and effectively. On average 97% of the candidates we place stay with our clients for 3+ years.

We hope you found this list helpful when considering a restaurant staffing agency. And if you require immediate assistance please contact us at sales@therestaurantzone.com or give us a call at 1-800-513-5096. We look forward to serving you!


*According to the latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report.

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