Balancing Work Life with Culinary Life

Latest Restaurant News January 2, 2015

I always loved cooking and baking, however, when it came to thinking of a “career”, the food industry was really not an option and so after high school, off I went to University to study History and Women’s Studies. It was not until later I began working full-time that I started to wonder what it would have been like to go to culinary school.

George Brown has a fabulous continuing education program and being able to take culinary classes after work or on weekends was really amazing and accommodating to someone like myself. I began with the basics and then moved on to the more specialized courses. I knew how to cook but I thrived for more knowledge, and filled that void with courses that were more specialized. I took courses, such as Northern and Southern Italian, BBQ, Canning and Preserving and many more; all fueling my interests in trying different recipes and becoming more open-minded at restaurants.

Since beginning culinary school, I have had a few opportunities to work in commercial kitchens on a part-time basis. Working under executive chef, Cecil Cramer, at Casa Loma for the last five months has allowed me to learn so much and to really see what it is like to work under time crunches and various kitchen pressures. I loved being a part of the hustle and bustle, learning how to take the pressure on without crumbling and most importantly, being part of a fantastic team where I was able to learn and grow. My experiences at the college and castle have allowed me to fine tune how I go about cooking when I am at home. Time management has really become a massive part of my life, as well as over coming stress in the kitchen. I find myself pushing the boundaries with my cooking and baking: trying new things all the time, using my husband and friends as guinea pigs and never allowing them to sugar coat their comments has really allowed me to grow.

I would like to finish this post with a recipe that I recently made for my husband, Ryan, and his colleagues when they all decided that they were going to have a Nutella Day at their office. It is fairly easy to make and delicious. I hope that you can make and enjoy it with your friends and family! Happy Baking, everyone!



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