How to post a job on Facebook

Employers & Recruiters December 17, 2014

Learn how to post a job on Facebook, in particular a restaurant job and get applicants!

This step-by-step video & step-by-step blog teaches you how to post a job listing on Facebook, and how to drive traffic, interest, leads, and ultimately applicants to your job. Enjoy (and scroll down more if you want to read the step by step).

Click play below and watch the video –

So below is a simple written step-by-step on how to post restaurant, food, & hospitality jobs on Facebook, to generate leads. I would personally watch the video since its more thorough, and has more details and insights. However, if you don’t want to watch… read these simple steps, and reference the video when you need to, I left minute marks along with each step!
  • Step 2 (first few minutes of video): Use your Business Facebook account, or create one to post jobs. Its easier to use and has more functionality!
  • Step 3 (2:44 mark of video): Under the status area copy+paste your link to your job. Remember to use bitly to shorten your link (which makes it aesthetically look better) and bitly is useful to track traffic that comes in from the facebook promotion. It actually will show you how many clicks you get!
  • Step 4 (4:22 mark of video): Once you have done this. Create a title, after the link. “Hiring for xyz job” …experiment with different titles (sometimes you can include a salary to make it more intriguing, or say that the role is looking to hire ASAP…you get the point). Also, very key…be sure to include a hashtag after your job title description, like #xyjob or #restaurantjobs. The hashtag is important because when someone searches a hashtag you included in your promotion, your job will show up in Facebook’s search results (see picture below)
how to post a job on facebook - listed
  • Step 5 (7:18 mark of video): Click ‘Boost’ to increase exposure to your posted job. Remember be as specific as possible so you get the correct people looking at your ad. See below for boost specifications and see picture below.
    • Select audience – “people you choose through targeting”
    • Location – select a location. Typically pick the location where the job is based out of
    • Age – pick an appropriate age
    • Gender – same here
    • Interests – select interests. If you are doing a sous chef job. Make sure the interests are ‘sous chef’, ‘chef’, etc. Very important.
    • Finally Select the amount of $ you want to spend on the ad. The more money, typically the larger audience you will be able to reach. I would recommend starting with a lower $ to get the hang of it and so that you can see what is working and what is not.

how to post a job on facebook - boost 1

how to post a job on facebook boost 2

  • Step 6: Track it, use bitly and sit-back and see who likes your ads, shares, and ultimately applies!
I hope this was helpful, and as always shoot us an email if you have any questions. And remember here at the The Restaurant Zone we can do this for you. Just click here and post an ad.


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