Randazzo’s Review…a walk down memory lane

Food & Recipes January 31, 2015


Randazzo’s Review

Not only does Randazzo’s hold many childhood memories but the clams are always super fresh and to die for. This place holds many childhood memories, and is also the place where I learned how to clean clams easily and properly. My last outing to this restaurant was with my Dad for dinner. He always loved it there and was his favorite place and later became mine as well. Many years had passed, when I returned with my dad, I was all grown up and had a family of my own. Even after all these years, Randazzo’s retained the same quality and customer service as before. The staff is always there to accommodate you as needed with friendliness and a smile. It has a very warm family vibe to it. It’s a great place for families, I highly recommend it!

Their seafood menu is exceptional, if you are a seafood lover this is the only place to go. My favorite dishes are the raw clams with the spicy sauce and the calamari with the spicy sauce, it’s all about the sauce. The food is so fresh you think they had just caught it and placed on your plate, you can almost taste the sea in your pallet.


If you are ever in Sheepsheads Bay this is a must try hands down!!! Just wanted to give all the readers here a little tip and heads up for a good eat in 😉


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