Restaurant News Daily Recap Summary (Dec. 18)

Restaurant News Daily Recap Summary (Dec. 18) A quick, fun, and easy read on what happened today in the restaurant industry Blooming Brands plans to double its digital staff…Read more here. Interesting, because this seems to be a trend in the industry…a digital-arms race, I knew it! I believe Wendys […]

Restaurant News Daily Recap Summary (Dec. 17)

Restaurant News Daily Recap Summary (Dec. 17) A quick, fun, and easy read on what happened today in the restaurant industry Wendy’s is expected to make some leadership changes, Craig Bahner the chief marketing officer plans on stepping down early next year. Wendys says they want to focus more on […]

How to post a job on Facebook

Learn how to post a job on Facebook, in particular a restaurant job and get applicants! This step-by-step video & step-by-step blog teaches you how to post a job listing on Facebook, and how to drive traffic, interest, leads, and ultimately applicants to your job. Enjoy (and scroll down more […]

Restaurant News Daily Recap (Dec. 16)

Restaurant News Daily Recap Summary (Dec. 16) A quick, fun, and easy read on what happened today in the restaurant industry Denver, which some consider the #2 fastest growing city in the country, is getting attention from many top chefs interested in the also fast-growing restaurant scene. In one month […]

6 Tips for Choosing a Culinary School

In today’s restaurant business there’s no denying the power of a good culinary arts degree on your resume. Old-school chefs may tell you that nothing beats hands-on experience, which is true, but more and more restaurants are looking for something substantial in the “education” space on your application. If you’ve […]

5 Reasons Why Bubblegum and Restaurants Don’t Mix

The CEO of McDonald’s recently revealed how the fast food giant developed a recipe for bubblegum-flavored broccoli to encourage kids to eat more healthily. Chief executive Don Thompson said the dish never made it onto the menus because “children were confused by it – it wasn’t all that” Here are […]

El Sombrero NYC – Review

So, lucky me. El Sombrero NYC (108 Stanton Street, NYC) just renovated/re-opened their new restaurant right across the street from where I live. And lets just say, I’m more than happy to have them as my new neighbor! Readers beware, as you know from my old blog. I’m extremely biased […]

Restaurant News Daily Recap (Dec. 15)

Restaurant News Daily Recap Summary (Dec. 15) A quick, fun, and easy read on what happened today in the restaurant industry Fast casual restaurant, Blaze Pizza announces grand opening in Canoga Park, CA. If you ask me it looks like a Chipotle for pizzas from the picture…Read more here 99 […]

Argentine Empanadas Recipe

If you want to enjoy a tasty treat that’s a little bit different, try cooking up some Argentine empanadas – a wildly popular street food in Argentina that is easily made at home. These mini meat parcels are ideal as a starter before a steak main, or as a light […]

Food and Alcohol Safety Training

5605 Manor Drive Peekskill, New York 10556 Food and Alcohol Safety “Knowledge” – More Business, Better Jobs, Bigger Tips?  Whether you are a restaurant owner or an employee of a restaurant rest assured that your livelihood is dependent on food and alcohol safety knowledge. You may be asking yourself why, […]

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Tips

When you work as a server you know the score – the better the tips, the more money you make. It’s as simple as that. But there’s no guarantee that your customers will leave 10 or 20 percent – or even anything at all. Increase your tips and earn more […]

Job-Seekers December 5, 2014

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My visit to National Restaurant Equipment & Supply (NRES)

Field Trip – National Restaurant Equipment & Supply… A few days ago before Thanksgiving, I had an awesome opportunity to check out National Restaurant Equipment & Supply (NRES)  in Laurel, Maryland. I got the grand tour from the owner Parviz Tavakoli. The Showroom When first arriving I walked through the showroom, […]

Black Friday Job Ads & Classifieds Sale!

Black Friday Job Ads & Classifieds Sale! Its here!!   Hey there everyone, yes we are doing a Black Friday sale here at The Restaurant Zone. This our official Black Friday Job Ads & Classifieds Sale for 2014! We are doing a Black Friday sale on our classifieds and job listings. Starting […]

The #1 Goto Place for POS Advice for Restaurants!

If POS Advice isn’t your “go to” site for anything restaurant point of sale system related, it should be! POS Advice and its family of websites cover everything restaurant POS related and caters exclusively to the hospitality industry. Bob Frazier started the sites two years ago after selling his 30 […]

Is Pulling your Hair Back a Big Deal?

Restaurant Job Tips # 1: Why Pulling Your Hair Back Still Matters Do you have a job interview at a restaurant in your area? Congratulations! You’re on to a very exciting and fun-filled career. But first things first – best to check yourself carefully in the mirror. After all, first impressions […]

Job-Seekers November 13, 2014

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My Business Journey – Introduction: How The Restaurant Zone came to be

Hey guys! Just thought I would give you a little update on The Restaurant Zone…in a fun way, through a video! So starting today I am doing a little weekly video blog on my business (The Restaurant Zone). Its going to be structured sort of informally and just document different […]

Filipino Chicken Curry Recipe

If there’s one Asian dish that has teased and pleased the taste buds of foodies all over the world, then perhaps it’s the chicken curry. It’s easy to cook and the ingredients can be bought from any grocery all year long. Because it is a well-loved dish, it’s no wonder […]

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