Restaurant News Roundup, 6/22/2015

Restaurants raise prices, drop menu items, as they scramble to deal with an egg shortage caused by the avian flu. USDA forecasts a 5% decline in egg production for this year. Read more here: More restaurant chains are opening up in Las Vegas, as the city once known only […]


Restaurants are scrambling to deal with a national egg shortage caused by the avian flu. Read more here: Subway is the latest eatery to drop artificial ingredients from its menu. The sandwich chain plans to make the change in its North American outlets by 2017. Read more here: […]

Restaurant News Roundup (5.28.15)

First Watch Restaurants acquires The Egg & I Restaurants in a deal that merges two large chains in the breakfast and lunch segment of the industry. Read more here – More fast food chains, such as Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, are moving to using natural ingredients in response […]

Clams – The Art of Cleaning Them

I love clams in anyway – boiled, baked, clam chowder, deep fried and definitely raw with lemon and of course with a tall, cold glass of beer! Before we can eat this delicacy we must clean them. The first time I saw the cleaning of clams was at Randazzo’s clam […]

Restaurant Roundup Items

Wendy’s shedding 640 of its company-owned restaurants to franchisees, 380 of them this year alone – though profits are up at the Ohio-based company…Read more here. NYTimes article offers guide on eating healthy restaurant meals, cites Pret A Manger among restaurant chain providing healthy, tasty food…Read more here. Motley Fool […]

Restaurant News Roundup (5.5.15)

Facing stiff competition from Chipotle, Wendy’s and others, McDonalds outlines strategy to shake off its slump. CEO Steve Easterbrook says part of the answer is to speed up its re-franchising efforts so that 90% of its restaurants are franchises by 2018…Read more here. Move by Chipotle to phase out GMO […]

Restaurant News Roundup (4.30.15)

Restaurant News Roundup (4/30/2015) Baltimore unrest, curfew, affecting city restaurants…Read more here. Howard Johnson’s, or HoJo’s – the once-ubiquitous eateries that nourished the baby boom generation – now down to just two restaurants in the US, compared to over 1,000 in the 70’s…Read more here. Are food delivery startups the […]

Restaurant News Roundup (4.27.15)

Restaurant News Roundup (4/27/2015) McDonald’s to close 350 restaurants around the world, including in US, China & Japan, because of slumping business…Read more here.   Huffington Post reveals tricks used by “menu engineers” at some restaurants to persuade diners to order more expensive items…Read more here. Guardian newspaper lists the […]

Restaurant News Roundup

Restaurant News Roundup (4/19/2015) With lower commodity prices and more customers as the economy improves, restaurant chains are set to see higher profits this year…Read more here Consumer Reports cites Melting Pot restaurant chain as the “best” casual restaurant in America, beating out Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory and other chains… […]

Restaurant News Roundup

Restaurant News Roundup (4/15/2015) Americans spent more at restaurants and bars in March than at grocery stores, according to the latest government figures…Read more here. Some restaurants are doing away with tipping, instead paying their servers a salary and building in those costs into their prices for food and drink…Read […]

Pomegranate Symbolism & Greek Traditions

Just as any culture, Greeks have many traditions but one that is highlighted in my mind is the pomegranate tradition. In Greek tradition the pomegranate symbolizes fertility, prosperity and good fortune. This Pomegranate tradition dates alll the way back to Greek Mythology, in the Hades and Persephone myth. Where Persephone […]

Restaurant News Daily (3.4.15)

Restaurant News Daily (March 4th, 2015) A quick, fun, and easy read on what happened today in the restaurant industry Dunkin Donuts is hiring in Louisiana…read more here A lady seeks $100,000 for rude restaurant service, wow….read more here According to sources McDonalds is making some changes to its McNuggets, […]

Tangy Cod Fish Recipe

A dish that I picked up from my sweet mother – in – law. She is a woman who loves her family very much. Thus, cooking and gathering her family together is a big part of her life! Cod fish is a lean and healthy fish and it’s typically available […]

ID Card Software for Restaurants

Hey everyone! Things have been really exciting here at The Restaurant Zone. We are in the midst of funding and launching a kickstarter. Anyways, I ran into some pretty neat ID card software when I was browsing the internet that can be perfect for restaurants and businesses. The first thing that came […]

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

The Incredible Versatile Potato What’s not to love about potatoes, it is a staple in the majority of kitchens across the globe, an everyday ingredient with no limit to what one could make. Lets see there are potato chips, baked potato, potato galette, au gratin potato, potato pancakes, french fries, […]

Randazzo’s Review…a walk down memory lane

Randazzo’s Review Not only does Randazzo’s hold many childhood memories but the clams are always super fresh and to die for. This place holds many childhood memories, and is also the place where I learned how to clean clams easily and properly. My last outing to this restaurant was with […]

Restaurant News Daily (Jan. 22)

Restaurant News Daily (Jan. 22) A quick, fun, and easy read on what happened today in the restaurant industry Its Frozen Yogurt Day, god I wish I was there instead of in the office today, but don’t worry you haven’t missed it yet…read more here Buffalo Wild Wings and Sodexo […]

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